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Statement to the Press – 12/13/2016

The Northwest Children’s Home (NCH) has been reviewing line-by-line the allegations made in the 28 page Statement of Deficiencies document prepared by a Licensing agent from the Division of Family and Community Services (“Licensing”) of the Idaho Department of Health and Welfare. We believe that every allegation in the Statement can be refuted and/or explained in proper context. The report is replete with facts taken out of context and redundant in that the same isolated incidents are cited multiples times as the basis for different deficiencies. It is disheartening to me that one person can have this much authority to negatively influence and severely affect the reputation of our agency.

A few examples:

1. Elopements

  • We’ve had an opportunity to make a comparison with a similar treatment facility in a neighboring state. They had over 60 elopements per month versus NCH’s 60 elopements in a six-month period. This comparable facility has on average 10 times more elopements than NCH; however, the facility was inspected by its state licensing agency and was reported as having no deficiencies.
  • Lewiston Police Department (LPD) data shows that over a five-year period elopements in 2016 were down 4% compared to a five-year average. In 2015, NCH had 157 elopements; in 2016 NCH had 102 elopements, a 35% decrease.

2. Calls to the Lewiston Police Department

  • NCH broke down the data provided by the LPD, disproving the Licensing agent’s allegations that calls to the police have increased. In 2015, there were a total of 339 calls ranging from juvenile problems, assaults, elopements, etc. In 2016, the number of police calls dropped to 194. This is a 43% decrease in calls to the LPD in a one-year period.

3. Sexual Offenses 18 total in the past year

  • 10 of the 18: The Licensing agent cites multiple elopements under the heading of”sex offenses” because the residents were from the Hopper program, our specialized program that treats sexually reactive youth; however, there is no evidence any sexual acts occurred during the elopements. The fact that the residents who eloped were emolled in the sexually reactive youth program does not make their elopements sexual offenses.
  • 7 of the 18: Sex offenses range on a continuum from kissing or holding hands to other sexual behaviors. All seven of these acts were consensual between adolescents. One of the acts was determined to be unfounded and the remaining ones show evidence that our programs completed immediate corrective action plans per incident which were subsequently approved by the Licensing agent. These corrective action plans provided additional trainings to staff.
  • 1 of 18: Allegation of forced sexual assault (The licensing agent refers to this as a “rape,” using that specific term a total of 7 times throughout the document for the same allegation). The facts: Two residents eloped and upon return to the facility one alleged that the other performed a forced sexual assault while the two residents were on the run from the facility. The matter was referred to the prosecutor’s office and is being resolved through the court system.

4. Fire Suppression deficiencies:

  • In April 2016, a contractor conducted a full inspection of our fire suppression systems. NCH provided sufficient documentation to the Department of Licensing several times to show that all deficiencies were corrected. The Licensing agent did not accept our documentation (signed-off service requests and invoices stating scope of work). The Licensing agent called the contractor directly to complain that the documentation was insufficient. She then called the contractor and ordered an additional inspection without notifying Northwest Children’s Home. Note: Our Jewett program (oldest building on campus) is in the process of getting a full fire suppression system with a negotiated Licensing due date of completion of 12/31/2016. This is going to cost our agency over $100,000 and is a major project at our facility. NCH has clearly complied with all these steps in a reasonable manner.

In Summary

I worked for the Department of Health and Welfare in the Division of Family and Community Services for over 15 years in the areas of child protection and children’s mental health. I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) in the State of Idaho. Based on my experience, I believe that the Department’s Statement is unfair and biased. We are concerned that the Statement reflects a personal agenda or vendetta rather than being an objective report. I also worked in another residential treatment facility for an additional four years of my social service career. I have been at NCH for almost two years now and every day I am highly impressed with the quality and dedication of our staff, continuous care our programs provide (assuring safety) and improvement in treatment outcomes for a majority of our kids. I will continue to work with the NCH team in enhancing treatment services to this vulnerable and specialized population of kids who have been traumatized by abuse and neglect.

At no time during my employment at NCH have I seen or heard of a child being endangered at our facility. We have complied with all corrective action plans negotiated with Licensing and strive to reduce any issues raised by Licensing while minimizing police involvement, a needed and valuable resource in our community. Our valuable reputation with our referral contractors, the local public who supports us and our competence as an agency has been damaged due to skewed information and inaccurate assumptions. We have filed a notice of appeal and are looking forward to NCH being heard.

Brian Pope, LCSW
Northwest Children’s Home, Inc.

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Baltimore – A dog named where bulls are not authorized Smiley was confiscated from a house in a. It was unearthed that the master was utilizing dogs for dog-fighting when she was seized. Smiley’s body is really an expression of the suffering she experienced consequently of dog fighting. Her tongue is notched from items being ripped out and her lips are missing. Her experience is really a testament towards the brutality that she suffered. Smiley is sitting in a pound right now. Her photographs are racing through the system of Myspace – as they view her devastated experience, haunting folks. Smiley can’t be adopted – in lighting of her (if she was required to fight, it is unknown, or if she was a trap dog, used-to motivate other puppies to fight) past, she is not only unavailable to a rescue company. The persona of Smiley is indeed special while one among her lip injuries recovered the protection doctor took her property follows the housingis analysis of Smiley is, “Smiley is hardly unsocial, enjoys being and individual contact with and around me.

For using their internet search engine some sites spend you.

She did very well with actual examination. She does display some feed drive. I dont advise animals that are little along with her. I didnt see any food preserving problems, she is just a little unlikely about gadgets or her handle at first but did give me them. Our issue that is only is her dog aggression that is moderate. Who might suppose Smiley would not have pet-violence after the living that she has had? Every expertise using a pet led to harsh attacks on her face. To pain and distress, your pet dog associated in Smileyis earth.

Wrights ideas on captivity were powerfully launched to the concerns of miscegenation.

Consequently, her reaction to pets hasbeen modified. Many people will suggest that she’s been ruined. That there is no hope for her to be rehabilitated. Nobody knows this for certain. This story’s real point would be to exhibit people this dismal experience of dog-fighting. A lot more than words – pictures. Photos of the puppy handled so horribly that she may well not ever locate writing an essey a home that was forever.

These records involves[3] all business and personal financial statements going back three (3) years.

Dogs, particularly this breed of canine, do what they may to please their owners. If their owner praises them for dog fighting, it is the things they do. Their heart is not that of the monster – their center is that of the people-pleaser. Smiley has experienced. Smiley could possibly be killed. There can be a unique relief on the market which will help Smiley, but when there isnot – atleast Smiley will not be abused further. She will no more experience incidents that wrack her and maim her body. But exactly what an unfortunate closing that might be.

I have a penpal in san francisco and another in thailand.

A social puppy that enjoys human company has been damaged by i need help with my essay other people that she desperately wished to please. On the offchance that there is a saving prepared to intensify and take this puppy on, please enable move the narrative of Smiley. Rescue concerns may be led to. Please share Smiley’s account, even although you can not help. The whole dog-fighting is n’t understood by many people issue. Some people unnecessarily believe that Hole bulls are all blessed horrible – created to eliminate animals that are other – born to combat regardless of what. Some mistakenly think that Pit bulls are unsafe in general – and for that these pets that reside to please their owners, misconception, continue to expire. If you would like to proceed receiving dog-linked articles, such as the newest information, tips and guidance, please press the Register Tattoo.

In addition, you will need to establish certain book for investigation.

It really is not blame and anonymous. Thank-you for reading for revealing this account and thank you. Story ideas may order online essay be provided at. Continue reading on

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