A Day in the Life


7:30am - Breakfast

Once the children leave their house, they are treated to a nutritious breakfast where they eat as a group. Food accommodations are made for children with special dietary needs. During breakfast, the staff go over the day’s schedule with the children, including activities and special announcements, and help to focus the children for the day ahead.

8:30am - School


Children are either transported to Northwest Children’s Home Education Center or other schools in the community based on their individual education needs.

3:00pm - Group & Snacks


Children regroup at their home and discuss their day with treatment staff, program managers and house therapist. Children then prepare for afternoon activities.

3:30pm - 5:30pm | Recreation


Children are busy with activities that are customized to help each of them develop essential skills, including: peer community groups, athletics, arts & crafts and time with their therapist to discuss personal and family issues.

5:30pm - Dinner


Once recreation is over, it’s time for a healthy dinner in the cafeteria. The children once again eat with their housemates, and are provided with a hot entrée item, salads, fruit, etc. Like breakfast, the food served is diverse and can be made to accommodate special dietary needs.

6:30pm - Group

Children are given time to connect with their peers to discuss how their day went and what activities they took part in. These interactions are very important to a child’s therapy during what can be a very emotional time.

7:30pm - Evening Snack

Evening snack is distributed to children as they discuss their goals for the next day.