Education Center

The Northwest Children’s Home (NCH) Education Center is accredited by AdvancED, formerly the Northwest Accreditation Commission. We serve both Idaho and Washington students, and are also approved by the State of Washington Superintendent of Public Instruction as a Non-Public Agency. Via contracts with area schools, the Education Center provides education and special education services for residential and community students.

The Education Center continues to use the Re-ED (re-education of emotionally disturbed children) philosophy as a foundation for working with at-risk students. The idea behind this viewpoint is to reinforce successes rather than failures. We have had a great many successes, and will continue to strive to improve students’ academic and behavioral skills in order to prepare them for their communities.

Collaborations & Services

The program’s counselors and education staff work closely with parents, therapists, case managers, placing schools, Department of Juvenile Corrections, Idaho Department of Health and Welfare, Vocational Rehabilitation, community counselors, and other community agencies to meet the needs of students and their families. Our Public School Liaison is assigned to facilitating the movement of students back into the public school system.

  • Individual Education Plans: Our team defines goals and identifies strategies to achieve those goals in IEP

  • GED Track: Students who are older, have earned few credits and are in danger of not graduating are considered for a GED track. These students may opt to continue their studies and earn credit while preparing for the GED in the event that they change their mind and decide to graduate conventionally

  • Career Days: Students participate in career workshops hosted by local business members showcasing education and skill requirements
  • Vocational Rehabilitation: Students who are identified as appropriate are referred to Vocational Rehabilitation services for employment assessments and assistance in finding jobs
  • Communication and Social Skills: Education Center staff work with students daily to increase the effectiveness of their communications and record their progress in their daily ratings. The positive Education Program (PEP) facilitates improving communication and social skills through daily Goals and Positive groups