Nursing & Psychiatric Services

Northwest Children’s Home currently contracts with a board certified child psychiatrist to provide psychiatric consulting services for our residential clients. Our child psychiatrist comes to us with many years of experience in the treatment of children and adolescents in the Boise area. The psychiatrist is responsible for diagnostic formulation, treatment consultation and medication management. Northwest Children’s Home utilizes a Nurse Practitioner, who is responsible for these tasks at the Syringa Program for girls in Nampa. She is supervised by and consults regularly with our child psychiatrist.

The Nursing Department provides 65 hours/week on-site medical care, as well as 24 hour on-call medical services for residents. Services include:

  • Coordinate medical care with local providers for all yearly physical and vision exams as well as bi-annual dental exams
  •  Certify that the residents are up-to-date on their immunizations and all yearly exams
  • Draw and monitor all laboratory values with pediatricians/psychiatrist as ordered
  • Meet with the child psychiatrist to coordinate psychiatric care and medication management for residents
  • Offer on-site monitoring of changes in behaviors and results of medication changes
  • Ensure that medical record/chart is current and up-to-date, including monthly chart audits and quarterly pharmacy audits
  • Make sure that residents receive all prescribed medications and treatments
  • Provide medications for all home visits and 30 days worth of medications for all discharges
  • Coordinate with families/caregivers for medication management
  • Provide yearly influenza vaccines for staff and residents