Jewett House

The Jewett Program holds the capacity to treat 16 girls ages 11-17. Residents typically present with a history of trauma and behavioral reactivity. Girls work through a 5 phase program with a minimum of 4 phases to complete program as prescribed by the therapist and agreed on by the treatment team.

Phase Work

The phases include but are not limited to:

  • Understanding why they are in the program
  • Setting goals and working toward those goals
  • Developing empathy
  • Strengthening leadership
  • Community integration

Jewett Program Therapy

Therapy groups are facilitated by the program therapist and occur 3 or more times per week. Focus for group therapy is:

  • Expressing thoughts and feelings with words
  • Reducing negative feelings by choosing healthy thoughts
  • Sharing past abusive acts to self and others as a means to reduce experiencing intense feelings of abandonment, abuse and hopelessness.
  • Group therapy also provides residents the opportunity to process issues in relation to past choices and the impact they have on today.
  • Individual therapy sessions are held at minimum bi-weekly to address mental, emotional and behavioral issues. The agenda of individual therapy sessions is tailored to individual treatment needs and may include family members when appropriate.
  • A Dialectic Behavior Therapy Group is led by a staff to help residents practice mindful awareness and acceptance through thoughtful decision making development.