Vision House

The Vision program treats up to 16 boys ages 11-18 years of age with behavioral reactivity to abuse, trauma, and mental health issues. The program focuses on relationships with other people and practices skills such as:

  • Following instructions while setting boundaries
  • Learning how to work cooperatively with other kids
  • Building trust with adults
  • Addressing personal trauma

This program is individual goal based and each child’s plan is carefully developed upon admission.


Number of children served during the fiscal year


ages of children served

Vision Program Therapy

These sessions may include family members. Additional meetings may occur based on the child’s individual needs at any given time.

Therapy groups occurred 3 or more times weekly addressed:

  • Basic social skills
  • Understanding personal traumatic experiences and discussing personal history

Play therapy techniques may be used in certain cases as needed. Bi-weekly individual therapy sessions include:

  • Phase work
  • Making a plan for successful community reintegration
  • Discussing personal trauma and reactions

Virtues Program

The Virtues Program teaches kids to find and see the good within themselves and add on to those positives. As kids grow and develop these strengths, they develop positive self-esteem, healthier decision making abilities, and can make the changes needed to reintegrate back into a family setting.