The NCH Education Center is accredited by Cognia. NCH serves both Idaho and Washington youth, and is approved by the State of Washington Superintendent of Public instruction as a Non-Public Agency.

The Education Center utilizes the Re-ED (re-education of emotionally disturbed youth) philosophy as a foundation for working with at-risk youth. The idea behind this viewpoint is to reinforce successes rather than failures. NCH has had many successes and will continue to strive to improve youths’ academic and behavioral skills in order to prepare them for successful transitions to their communities.

The Education department is divided into two programs, the Education Center School and the Residential School.

The Education Center - 

The students who attend this school are placed in the program utilizing the IEP process through the local school districts. NCH contracts with the local school districts to provide education and special education services. These students continue to be part of their home district. The Education Center is a K-12 school. The students are placed into one of four classes based on their grade level and special education needs, early elementary (1st-3rd), upper elementary (4th-7th), jr. high (7th-9th) or high school (9th-12th). These classes provide a 5:1 ratio including a teacher and classroom aides.

The Residential School - 

The students who attend this program are placed in our residential facility. These students are placed into one of four classes based on their grade level and special education needs, boys high school (9th-12th), boys jr. high (6th-9th), girls high school (9th-12th) or girls jr. high (6th-9th). These classes provide a 4:1 ratio including a teacher and classroom aides.

The Education Department provides a small structured setting and supports trauma informed techniques to help our students learn academics and new skills with the goal of transitioning into the local school districts and a less restrictive educational environment. Another focus is to provide education in independent living skills and vocational education. Our public school liaison works diligently to ensure that our 12th grade students are on track to graduate and facilitate the transition process to public school.

The Education staff work closely with parents, therapist, case managers, contracted school districts, departments of health and welfare, Vocational Rehabilitation, local counseling agencies and other community agencies to meet the needs of all of our students. 

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