Jewett House

Population: Idaho youth ages 5-17. Jewett is a short term contracted group home with the Department of Health and Welfare to stabilize, support and assess children after a traumatic event. 


Along with our amazing campus, and exceptional treatment programs, our personnel exemplify the highest standards of residential care. Supported by a team of highly qualified professional facilitators, each new personnel undergoes a rigorous and thorough training curriculum. From the first day of orientation, new staff are introduced to the veteran professionals, while they operate in their working capacities. After becoming familiar with the program layout and specificities, the new staff are educated and mentored for three months, while they are guided into the station of residential care.

The Northwest Children’s Home utilizes the most current evidence based knowledge in order to effectively deliver therapeutic interventions to adolescents in need of residential care. Our complex organizational framework utilizes multidimensional strategies that allow for effective oversight in a constantly evolving environment. The foundation of this agency resides in the extraordinary structure utilized in providing trauma informed care.

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