Nutrition & Dining

We offer meals 3 times daily and snacks 2 times daily

At the Children’s Home and Education Center we abide by state and federal regulations (National School Lunch Program) for breakfast and lunch. All meals are free and are planned by our Chef. He strives to prepare unique, nutritional and delicious food. During dinner and breakfast time, kids are developing team work, learning appropriate conversation making and developing table manners.

We provide food services for children who require specific dietary needs. For special occasions such as Christmas and Thanksgiving big holiday buffets are prepared. St. Patrick’s day, Halloween and Valentine’s day themed sweet treats are prepared for those holidays. Best of all, every birthday on campus is celebrated with his/her own birthday cake. With all the creativity and homemade meals, our cooks are constantly looking for new recipes. Please feel free to share your favorites with us!

Our Garden:

We have a garden on our residential campus and grow our own fruits and vegetables. The youth are involved with the garden, they help plant, water and weed it. They love discovering the ripe fruits and vegetables and delivering them to the kitchen. 

Youth also participate as part of the community by doing chores after dining. They sweep and mop the floors, take out trash and cardboard and wipe down the tables. Some youth, when they reach a certain goal, will work in the kitchen with the cooks and the chef. The program is expanding so much and we couldn’t be more excited!

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