Process of coming here:

Youth are admitted for trauma reactivity following life events that make it difficult for them to cope with daily stressors or typical activities that kids find trauma triggering. Most youth come from the Northwest, however referrals may be received from schools, hospitals, clergy, families and any state departments of social services within the United States.

The admission criteria to be here: 

The placement into residential treatment at NCH is based on the client’s clinical needs. Youth who need intensive treatment and whose behavior can be managed by the staff in-group interventions are considered for residential treatment. Youth are accepted for admission to the residential treatment program who meet the following criteria:

    1. Youth ages 10-17
    2. A child’s behavior is disruptive to the degree that treatment in a less restrictive setting would not be effective in the foreseeable future. There must be major impairment in several areas of functioning. 


To make a referral, please contact Christy Lunceford, Children’s Services Administrator at 208-746-1601 ext. 226 or at [email protected].

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