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If you are interested in planned giving and how you can set up recurring gifts to help support the children, click here.

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic the CARES Act was passed. This Act gives donors three big benefits:

  • For your 2020 tax return you can deduct up to $300 even if you don't itemize your 2020 income tax return and take the standard deduction instead.
  • For tax year 2020 only, you can choose to apply a 100% of adjusted gross income (AGI) limit to cash figts to public charities. Previously this was limited to 60%.
  • In 2020, the annual required minimum distribution from an IRA is now waived. This means that IRA owners ages 72 and above do not have to take funds out of their IRA this year. You may still make direct distributions to a charity from your IRA as Qualified Charitable Distributions, just as before, if it makes financial sense for you to do so.

Red Campaign Descriptions

Red Sneaker Campaign: Many of our kids on campus have not experienced what we think of as “normal” summer fun. At the Children’s Home we strive to teach them positive fun ways to fill their time such as fishing, hiking, outdoor art projects, garnet mining, & much, much more! These activities benefit our youth because we are teaching them appropriate ways to spend their leisure time which lends an opportunity to create connections and build healthy relationships. Recreation is extremely therapeutic for our youth.

Red Apple Campaign: Education and healing are essential services we provide to our kids. This back to school campaign helps provides therapeutic items to help aide learning and education tools to help our youth grow. The Red Apple campaign brightens the future of these youth by allowing us to purchase the tools we need to provide the best possible education.

Red Stocking Campaign: Holidays can bring up very hard feelings for youth that have experienced severe trauma like our youth have. This campaign helps us provide a warm and bright holiday season for kids that have never experienced anything like a happy Christmas or New Years before. This ranges from gifts, activities, and special holiday meals for our kids.

Please specify if you would like your donation to be restricted to one of these campaigns.

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