Join us in Building Brighter Futures

Thank you for being a part of bringing transformation from trauma to triumph in the children and families we serve. Every donation truly helps make this possible!

    Northwest Children's Home provides quality rehabilitative, therapeutic, recreational, educational and vocational services for children and families in need. Your general donation goes a long way in achieving that mission. By making a general donation you are helping us develop in children a sense of understanding, compassion for others, and the courage to act on their beliefs. With your help we can change the lives of the youth in our care who have survived varying degrees of trauma in their young lives and teach them the skills necessary to become successful community members.

    General Donations:

    General donations help support things such as:
    • education & craft supplies
    • individual & family therapy
    • one on one activity time with staff
    • sporting & fitness equipment
    • group activities: fishing, hiking, excursions, amusement parks, etc
    • cooking classes
    • and much more

2023 Fund A Needs:

RECREATION FIELD UPDATE: On our 22 acre campus, our employees utilize every opportunity to get the kids outside and moving! Our team would like to provide purposeful spaces for activities such as baseball, volleyball, kickball and so much more! In times of distress, many children find walking to be a calming activity. A designated track could be a safe space for cooling off, talking with a Therapist or even a good spirited footrace! Support NCH in utilizing the space we have to better serve the kids we care for!
COMPUTERS AND TECHNOLOGY: In today’s world, updated technology is critical. Exposure and education on the functionality and application of technology sets children up for success in higher education and the workforce. Additionally, current technology allows our employees to more efficiently complete treatment related tasks. Support NCH in our efforts to modernize our technology throughout the agency!

Restricted Donations:

Restricted funds are set aside for a particular purpose. They are permanently restricted to that purpose and cannot be used for other expenses. If you choose to make a restricted donation please add the restriction in the comments section. Funds can be restricted to anything you see fit such as:
  • resident store items - our youth earn points to purchase store items
  • activities - funds all kinds of activities and group outings
  • vocational - supplies for our vocational programs
  • therapy items - fidget toys, weighted blankets, etc
  • technology - helps keep our youth and staff computers and other electronics up to date
  • game rooms - game units, controllers, games
  • art supplies - everything art, our youth love art
  • general - funds used for general purposes but restricted to boys, girls, nursing, education, etc
  • scholarship fund - we have a scholarship program for youth that graduate from our education department

Red Campaign Descriptions:

Red Sneaker Campaign: Many of our kids on campus have not experienced what we think of as “normal” summer fun. At the Children’s Home we strive to teach them positive fun ways to fill their time such as fishing, hiking, outdoor art projects, garnet mining, & much, much more! These activities benefit our youth because we are teaching them appropriate ways to spend their leisure time which lends an opportunity to create connections and build healthy relationships. Recreation is extremely therapeutic for our youth.

Red Apple Campaign: Education and healing are essential services we provide to our kids. This back to school campaign helps provides therapeutic items to help aide learning and education tools to help our youth grow. The Red Apple campaign brightens the future of these youth by allowing us to purchase the tools we need to provide the best possible education.

Red Stocking Campaign: Holidays can bring up very hard feelings for youth that have experienced severe trauma like our youth have. General donations during the holidays are a great time to remind our kiddos that people are supporting them on this road from trauma to triumph!

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