Kids Wishlist

NCH Resident Store

Our residents work hard during group therapies throughout the week to earn points that can be used at our resident store. Not only is the store fun for our residents; they learn many skills from the experience. Guidelines for resident store are:

  • residents can earn a maximum of 45 points each week
  • points are valued at roughly $.25 each
  • points can be saved and accumulated
  • residents are allowed to shop and make their own decisions, should they spend their points or save them

Our residents love their Friday shopping day. We try to keep our store stocked with the latest trends as well as age old favorites. If you'd like to help us stock the NCH Store you can choose item(s) from the list on this page or make a restricted donation and we'll do the shopping for you. 

Store Items:

  • legos
  • temporary tattoos
  • scooters
  • twin bed sets
  • sports trading cards
  • journals (no spiral bound)
  • sports equipment
  • posters
  • jewelry/makeup
  • paint-by-stickers
  • diamond art
  • wallets

General Needs Wish List

Check out our general needs wish list on Amazon. Don't forget to go to and designate Northwest Children's Home as your charity of choice. Amazon will donate a portion of each of your purchases to us. We appreciate your support!

Click Here for our General Wishlist

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