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What are ACEs? ACEs are significant early traumas that affect brain development and can lead to serious physical, mental and emotional issues if left unaddressed. All of the residents of Northwest Children’s Home have ACEs, as a result their development has been impacted. Our agency works to foster resiliency in the residents through therapeutic activities and establishing a trauma informed care approach. Resilience built into our daily lives in simple ways can act to offset the effect of ACEs. We were born with resilience.  It can be nurtured and recaptured.  A resilient individual is one who is emotionally healthy and equipped to successfully confront challenges and bounce back from setbacks. Here at Northwest Children’s Home our employees work every day to build brighter futures. Understanding ACEs of our own and of those around us can better help everyone to develop empathy in for those in our community.
Sources: Val Allen, Northwest Children’s Home Trauma Informed Care Mentor,  resiliencetrumpsaces.org,acestoohigh.com/got-your-ace-score/
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